Administrator User Guide

Administrator User Guide (PDF)
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Administrator Overview

The IASystem™ Administrator role allows a user to perform all actions with the IASystem™ application including setting up and authorizing other administrative users, performing restricted evaluation or reporting activities, and customizing online evaluation forms for their institution.

The Administrator can also set up and manage terms, manage institutional data, setup LMS integration, manage roles for IASystem™ users and manage configuration settings for their institution.

During the course of the term, the Administrator may perform the following functions:

Manage Terms & Institutional Data

Manage Instructors & Students 

  • Manage Instructors and Students: The “Instructors and Students” tool allows Administrators, Coordinators and other authorized users to add, remove, replace and assign students and instructors in a course.

Manage Users within IASystem

  • Manage Roles: How to view and add roles for your institution’s administrative users.
  • Manage System Users: How to add or manage IASystem™ administrative users.

Manage Integrations

  • IASystem Integration Guide: Administrators can configure & manage details related to using the IASystem™ Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) tool for LMS integration.
  • LTI Integration & Third-Party Cookies: Provides information on best practices for handling third-party cookie issues related to LMS integration of the IASystem™ LTI tool.

Manage Online Forms

  • Custom Online Form Guide:  Customize evaluation forms by adding or deleting questions, creating new questions and saving the revised form for use by specific departments, colleges, or the entire institution.  Only users with the IASystem™ Administrator role have the ability to manage online forms; however, Administrators can assign this ability to other users.

Manage Survey & Email Configuration

  • Edit Survey & Email Configuration: Administrators can manage their institution’s IASystem™ configuration values & settings for the student survey and automated emails.

Course Tree

  • View Course Tree: The “Course Tree” page displays the organizational structure of your institution’s college(s), department(s), and/or courses within the system.
  • Faculty Request Evaluations Access: Provides Administrators with the ability to manage access in the IASystem™ administrative application to allow faculty to submit their own course evaluations within the IASystem™ faculty application.
  • Student Comment Access: Provides Administrators with the ability to manage access to student comments on course evaluation reports within the IASystem™ administrative application (faculty always have access to student comments within the IASystem™ faculty portal).

Perform Restricted Activities

The Administrator can perform the highest level actions within their institution’s IASystem™ application. In the rare instance that an open, confirmed or closed course evaluation needs to be edited or deleted, Administrators have the authority to make these changes.

Access Faculty Portal as Any Instructor

  • Act As Faculty: In order to assist instructors, the Administrator can “Act As” any instructor via the IASystem™ faculty portal.

IASystem™ System Configuration Options

  • System Configuration: An Administrator can request a few system configuration options to customize your institution’s IASystem™ application.