IASystem User Guides & Resources

Guides for IASystem™ Course Evaluation Administration

  • Administrator User Guide:  For an institution’s IASystem™ Administrator. This guide outlines the various actions an administrator must conduct to mange and configure their institution’s IASystem™ application.
  • Coordinator User Guide: For all IASystem™ Coordinators. This guide entails the different actions an IASystem™ Coordinator performs such as creating course evaluations and generating reports.
  • Faculty User Guide: For an institution’s faculty using IASystem™ for their course evaluations. This guide describes the faculty homepage and the various actions associated with their role.
  • Custom Online Forms Guide:  IASystem™  includes the ability for Administrators and other authorized users to customize evaluation forms for the entire campus or specific college(s) or departments(s).
  • Paper Course Evaluation Management Guide (PDF):  Provides additional information for IASystem™ institutions who are also administrating paper evaluations.

IASystem™ Technical & Onboarding Resources

  • New Client Setup & Configuration:  Provides information for new clients on required steps and data needed to setup and implement IASystem™.
  • IASystem™ Integration Guide (PDF):  Provides IASystem™ Administrators the opportunity to configure and use the IASystem™ LTI tool to provide course evaluation links for students within your campus LMS application. Jan 2017 update contains new FAQ section and LMS-specific implementation resources.
  • IASystem™ v1 Web API:  Provides technical information that can help your institution program a custom integration solution, such as displaying course evaluation links on a campus student portal page.

Other IASystem™ Evaluation Resources

  • IASystem™ Interpreting Reports (PDF):  Provides information on Individual Course Reports including Statistical Adjustment Options (Adjusted Medians and Deciles); Administrative Reports; Computing Medians, Adjusted Medians, and the Challenge & Engagement Index; and guidelines in using IASystem™ to make decisions.
  • IASystem™ Export Specifications (PDF): Provides comprehensive data exports to be used for institutional analyses. Exported data are provided as semi-colon delimited text files.
  • IASystem™ Standard Course Evaluation Forms (PDF):  Single PDF file with the entire suite of standard IASystem™ forms.