Coordinator User Guide

Coordinator User Guide (PDF)
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IASystem™ has predefined user roles. The user role of “Coordinator” is able to coordinate and manage the course evaluation process each term for their institution’s college or department by setting up course evaluations and generating reports. This guide provides information on creating both online and paper evaluations as well as generating reports and exporting results data.

Throughout the guide, there is reference to an institution’s IASystem™ Administrator. The role of “Administrator” has expanded capabilities and can override some restricted Coordinator activities. You can see the list of your institution’s IASystem™ users, including the Administrator(s), within the IASystem™ administrative portal by navigating to the Manage drop-down and selecting System Users in the IASystem™ application.

Additionally, in the guide you will see special notes that will give you important tips and information to assist in setting up course evaluations accurately and ensure a successful evaluation cycle.

Online Evaluations

Paper Evaluations

Manage Instructors and Students in a Course



The IASystem™ “Results” section provides the ability to generate individual and combined course reports, administrative reports and export evaluation data for further analysis.