IASystem v1 Web API

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RESTful API documentation, created by Trevor Leffler, University of Washington, Last Modified 2, November 2015

Contact support@iasystem.org if you have questions or need assistance with this resource.

Authentication and Authorization

Access to the IASystem™ Web API is restricted to clients that present a trusted X509 certificate. A client developer may send their client certificate file or subject to IASystem™ staff in order to set up the trust relationship.

The certificate subject is produced via the openssl tool:

openssl x509 –in /path/to/client.cert –noout –subject

The IASystem™ Web API is young and provides no authorization rules or role-based access. All clients may access all resources listed below. No “act-as” facility exists.

Endpoints and Data Partitions

Client data in IASystem™ is partitioned by campus. For multi-campus universities, this means multiple API end-points must be kept in mind when developing a client application. For example, several requests must be executed in order to search a multi-campus university’s data set.

Clients should use an API end-point that begins with this pattern:


Append the particular resource path as desired.

Media Type

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