New Client Setup & Configuration

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Step 1: Initiate IASystem™ License
– EMAIL and let us know when you have initiated this process on your campus.  Once initiated, we can start configuring and setting up your campus IASystem™ application.

The evaluation or subscription license provides either a one-term free license to pilot IASystem™ on your campus or a one-year subscription license based on our current rate structure.  IASystem™ licensing is managed by the University of Washington’s Express Licensing Program.

Step 2: Complete Client Configuration & Setup Form
– COMPLETE and EMAIL form to 

Key information is needed to create your institution’s specific IASystem™ application.   The Client Configuration & Setup Form emailed to you will have some preliminary data filled out, please complete blank fields.  This form gathers information to configure IASystem™ online course evaluations with your institutional brand and contact information.

Step 3: Complete the Course Tree Template
– COMPLETE and EMAIL file to

  • Download/complete the Course Tree Template Excel file (please read instructions & data definition)
    • The Course Tree is the foundation of your institutional data structure and relationship between colleges, departments and courses
    • The Course Tree should be consistent with SIS/LMS institutional data structures (especially if considering LMS integration)
    • When returned, we will enter the data and ask you to review the Course Tree in your IASystem™ administrator portal

Step 4: Schedule IASystem™ Administrator Training (Required)
– EMAIL once Steps 1-3 have been completed to schedule Administrator Training and discuss term data files.

Step 5: Create the Term Data Files (Instructors, Classes, Students)
– COMPLETE and RETAIN these files.

  • Download the following three Excel files (please read instructions & data definitions)
  1. Faculty Template – all instructors teaching in a specific term
  2. Time Schedule Template – all classes offered in a specific term
  3. Class List Template – all enrolled students in a specific term
    • Once your institution’s setup is complete, you will create your first term and upload term data files directly into IASystem™ 
    • If needed, institutional data can be refreshed in IASystem™ throughout the term; more information is located here.
    • These files must be generated and uploaded into IASystem™ each term.  We recommend writing a query to your data source that automates the output of these data files; IASystem™ accepts CSV text file format for uploads. 
    • More information on data imports can be found in IASystem™ Administrator Guide.

Step 6: Schedule IASystem™ Coordinator Training (optional)
– EMAIL to schedule the IASystem™ training for college or departmental users.

Coordinator training is useful for institutions who choose to use a distributed workflow model that provides the opportunity for academic and faculty support staff to create evaluations and generate reports for their college or departmental courses.