IASystem™ has been developed by and for educators, and we understand that the value of data rests in clear and purposeful reporting.  IASystem™ presents evaluation results in a variety of ways to assist instructors and administrators in both formative and summative decision making.

The IASystem Interpreting Reports  guide provides information on individual Course Summary Reports including Statistical Adjustment Options; Administrative Reports; Computing Medians, Adjusted Medians, and the Challenge & Engagement Index; and guidelines in using IASystem™ to make decisions.

IASystem Reports & Data Exports

Course Evaluation Reports

The heart of any course evaluation system is in the individual course report produced at the end of each academic term. Faculty use these reports, along with their own classroom-based assessments, to identify changes they would like to make before they teach the course again. Administrators use them to track instructional quality in and across programs.

  • Course Summary Reports summarize student responses in frequency distributions and average (median) ratings. Institutions can also choose to display normative information (deciles or adjusted medians) on Course Summary Reports to provide a context for interpretation.  Individual Course Summary reports are available in both the IASystem™ administrative and faculty portals.
  • Administrative users can also generate Combined Course Summary Reports that contain the same information as IASystem™ Course Summary Reports but are based on combined ratings from many courses. Ratings from several courses may be combined for a particular instructor for use in decisions regarding promotion and tenure. In addition, ratings for all courses taught in a particular department can be combined to give a broad view of departmental instruction during a specified time period.

Administrative Reports

  • High/Low Reports support curricular development by alerting administrators to courses that regularly receive especially high or low ratings. It also assists administrators in identifying faculty whose teaching is particularly strong, as well as instructors who may need additional support in their teaching. This report is especially useful when generated at the end of each academic term.
  • Ratings Summary reports provide an overall view of evaluation results within a particular academic unit (department, college/school, or institution). It has been created to support annual program review, but can be generated for any time period.
  • Survey List  reports display all evaluations conducted within a particular academic unit (department, college/school, or institution) during a particular time period. This report was designed to accompany the Ratings Summary, but can be used independently as well.

Data Exports

  • Data Export Specifications provides information on the comprehensive data export options available within the IASystem™ administrative portal which can be used for additional institutional analyses. Exported data are provided as semi-colon delimited text files.