Benefits & Features

University Course Evaluation Software

IASystem™ is the course evaluation standard for colleges and universities engaged in the assessment of teaching and learning. IASystem™ combines a powerful, streamlined web-based application with a suite of rigorously tested evaluation tools.


      • Improve Response Rates

        Mobile ready evaluations support ease of survey completion in or out of class

        Integration provides the option to add evaluation links in a student portal or LMS

        Automated communication to students who need to complete their course evaluations

        Automated communication to faculty with evaluation response rate updates

      • Evaluate Effectively

        IASystem™ includes a suite of course evaluation forms rigorously designed for specific instructional formats, such as lectures, labs, studios, seminars and more

        Online evaluation forms can be modified and customized for the entire institution, specific colleges or departments

        Instructors can also create and add their own course-specific scaled or open-ended questions to a standard or custom evaluation form

      • Integrate

        IASystem™  provides a Learning Tools Interoperability® (LTI) tool that allows students to directly access evaluations on course pages within Canvas, Blackboard and other LMS applications

        The IASystem™ web API offers campuses the opportunity to setup a custom integration, such as displaying evaluation links on a student portal page

      • Deliver Results

        IASystem™ evaluation reports and exports provide quick and easy access to data that supports instructional improvement, curricular planning and faculty development

        Instructor access to results within the IASystem™ faculty portal is controlled by setting an instructor reports release date




IASystem™ enables straightforward evaluation setup, freeing valuable staff time to support other instructional and educational priorities.

For cross-listed courses, each stakeholder is able to manage course evaluations and view results.

Instructors in team-taught course can be evaluated either individually or as a group.

IASystem™ requires no installation and can be accessed via your favorite web browser and a connection to the Internet. All communication with IASystem™ is securely encrypted using SSL (the Secure Socket Layer protocol).

Access to the system, as well as course evaluation surveys, can be via your current authentication source, so that staff and students can use their existing login information.