Order Paper Evaluations

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Creating paper evaluations in IASystem™ as a faculty member allows you to select courses, define evaluation parameters and create evaluations in an easy step-by-step process. (Note: this feature is available to faculty if permitted by your institution.)

Requests for paper evaluations generate paper evaluation “Cover Sheets” which are used in conjunction with scannable paper evaluation forms. After completing paper evaluation requests, the University of Washington’s IASystem™ office will generate and send the evaluation cover sheets.

Order Paper Evaluations

Navigate to Order Paper Evaluations

Select “Evaluations” from Main Menu.

Select “Order Paper Evaluations” from Drop-down.

From the Paper Evaluations page, select the blue “Create Evaluations” tab (default).

When all selections are made, click “Continue.”

Select Courses

You are now on the Select Courses page. This page provides a listing of the available courses for selected term. Not all colleges/departments participate in allowing instructors to request their own evaluations. Those courses will be listed in brown and cannot be selected.

  1. Select all or some of the courses listed for which you would like to setup evaluations by clicking the checkbox to the left of the course details.
  2. Courses listed in red already have evaluations and cannot be selected. These courses will have a computer or paper icon next to the course abbreviation indicating if they are being evaluated online or by paper.
  3. Evaluations for courses in brown can only be created by coordinators. Contact your coordinator.
  4. If course is cross-listed (joint) with other courses, you will see all instances. The evaluation will cover the entire cross-listed (joint) cluster.
  5. Course enrollment is displayed.
  6. Once all course selections are finalized, click “Continue” at the bottom of the page.

Define Evaluation Parameters

You are now on the Define Evaluations page.

This page defines the settings for each course evaluation. You may make global selections using the top drop-downs on the table or make individual selections in each row.

  1. Select the IASystem™ Evaluation Form you wish to use.
  2. Select the applicable IASystem™ Course Type for each evaluation.
  3. If needed, modify Enrollment. The enrollment number populates from the class list data that was uploaded into the system. If this number is incorrect, you may type in another number.
  4. Reports Available Date is populated by your IASystem™ campus Administrator and cannot be changed.
  5. Click the blue “Submit” button on the bottom right to create evaluations.

You are now on the Paper View Evaluations page.

Paper Evaluation Cover Sheet Processing

After you have requested paper evaluations for your courses, IASystem™ staff will then process your request and send you system generated Cover Sheets that will be used in conjunction with the scannable evaluation forms. For more information about the paper course evaluation process, please contact your Administrator.