Security & System Requirements

IASystem™ is a fully web-based course evaluation application and uses a web browser as the user interface. Clients who license our turnkey SaaS solution do not need to install any server software.

Web-browser Requirements

IASystem™ can be accessed with any of the following browsers with JavaScript enabled:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer version 8.0 or higher
  • Mozilla Firefox version 10 or higher
  • Apple Safari version 5 or higher
  • Google Chrome version 17 or higher

Recommended Software

The following client software application is recommended to access additional features:

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader version 7 or higher is required to open documents exported from IASystem


  • Encrypted communications

    IASystem™ uses HTTPS secure communications protocol to transfer information between our system and the user’s browser.

  • Role-based permissions

    User menus display only the applications and pages authorized for each person. Data items that are not authorized for a user will not be displayed on forms or reports.

  • Server-side processing

    With IASystem™ calculations, validations, and reports are all processed on the server and not on the user’s computer or in a web browser.