Frequently Asked Questions

Below we have compiled some frequently asked questions.  If you have a question that is not listed below, please contact us and we would be happy to provide additional information.

What do you mean by online and paper – can we do both?

    • Yes. With IASystem™ you can setup online evaluations for some courses and paper for others. All your evaluation data will reside in one database and will be reported together in departmental reports.

Can we customize IASystem™ forms?

    • IASystem™ administrative users can customize forms for use by the entire institution or a specific college, subcollege or department. Evaluations can be further customized by the instructor; using the IASystem™ faculty portal instructors can add their own course-specific questions to an evaluation.

What type of training and support is offered with IASystem™?

    • During the setup phase, we provide training (either in-person or via web conferencing) to familiarize your evaluation coordinators with IASystem™. Ongoing support is available Monday through Friday from 8am-5pm (PT) by phone or email.

Are student course evaluation responses confidential?

    • Yes. IASystem™ online and paper course evaluations are confidential. Reports and data extracts do not include any student names, IDs, or login information so that the respondents’ privacy is maintained.

Can one student submit only one response per online evaluation?

    • Yes.  Access to IASystem™ online course evaluations is restricted by class list enrollment. Only one submission per enrolled student is allowed for each course evaluation survey.

Can we see response rates in real time?

    • Yes. Designated institution or departmental IASystem™ course evaluation coordinators can track response rates on evaluations for which they have access. In addition, during the evaluation period faculty are sent periodic, automated email updates that include response rate data, thus giving them the opportunity to encourage student participation if needed.

Does IASystem™ support co-taught courses?

    • Yes. Multiple instructors are displayed on the IASystem™ course list. When establishing course evaluation parameters for a co-taught course, you will have the choice to evaluate all instructors as a group or to evaluate all or some of the instructors individually.

Does IASystem™ support cross-listed (joint) courses?

    • Yes. Information about cross-listed (joint) courses is displayed in the system to all departmental stakeholders. Students will only be given information about the specific course for which they registered.

What kind of data do we need to upload to IASystem™?

    • Data is uploaded securely within the IASystem™ application and is controlled by a user’s role in the system.  There are three data files uploaded each term.
      • The first is the Faculty upload which is enduring and includes all instructors.
      • The second is the Time Schedule upload which includes all courses being taught in a specific term.
      • The third is the Class List upload which includes all students registered for courses in a specific term.

How do we get started with IASystem™?

    • Upon signing an IASystem™ license agreement, we will need you to designate a System Coordinator who will the main point of contact for set-up and will also need an organizational technical contact for single sign-on integration with IASystem™. We will work with the System Coordinator to establish your institutional Course Tree upon which your IASystem™ database will be structured.  After these initial set-up steps, you’ll be ready to go!