Evaluation Participant Report

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Users with access to the IASystem™ administrative portal can generate Evaluation Participant Reports which contain a list of the students who have submitted an online evaluation for a particular course. To protect student anonymity these reports can only be downloaded as a PDF if there are five or more respondents. Depending on your institutional policies, these lists may be used for incentives related to evaluation participation.

IASystem™ provides this information as an optional resource, but institutional policies may differ and instructors should check with their department, college, or institution’s IASystem™ administrator to determine if and how they can access Evaluation Participant Reports.

Evaluation Participant Reports can only be generated with the IASystem™ administrative portal, not the faculty portal.  If a faculty member does not have access to the administrative portal (which is most often the case), they can ask their IASystem™ administrator or departmental coordinator to generate the Evaluation Participant Report.

Directions for generating Evaluation Participant Reports are located in the IASystem™ Coordinator User Guide.