An annual organizational license provides institution-wide access to IASystem™.

Clients pay the same licensing fees for access whether they capture student ratings online, on paper, or both and there is no limit on the number of courses evaluated during the license period. Costs for paper evaluation forms and form scanning are charged separately.

IASystem™ Licensing and Setup Fees (Online or Paper)

Enrollment Category Total FTE Student Enrollment Annual Licensing Fee Per Enrolled Student Initial Setup Fee
(One-time Charge)
1 < 2,000 $1.25 $3,500
2 2,000-4,999 $1.20 $3,500
3 5,000-9,999 $1.15 $3,500
4 10,000-14,999 $1.10 $3,500
5 15,000-19,999 $1.05 $3,500
6 20,000 + $1.00 $3,500


Sample College Cost Estimate (Online Only)

License and Setup Fees
Annual FTE Student Enrollment 8,500
Enrollment Category 3
Per Student Licensing Fee $1.15
Annual Institutional License (8,500 x $1.15) $9,775
Initial Setup Fee $3,500
Total First Year License and Setup Fee $13,275


Paper Evaluation Costs (based on use and charged separately)

Forms and Scanning
IASystem™ Paper Evaluation Forms $0.10
IASystem™ Forms Scanning $0.16
University Overhead Rate on Forms & Scanning 18%


Please call or email us if you would like to discuss setting up your college or university with IASystem™ for your next evaluation cycle.